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    Intelligent Manufacturing & Materials Innovation Summit 2018


    14-15TH MAY, 2018
    16th May, 2018
    08:45 Opening Ceremony Host: Mr. Jin Hongming,Secretary General/Director Officer, Shanghai Society of Aeronautics/Shanghai Avic Co., Ltd
    Opening Speech: Mr. Shi Jianzhong, President/Vice President, Shanghai Society of Aeronautics/COMAC
    China Aircraft Intelligent Manufacturing
    09:00 China Aircraft’s Transformation Road Mr. Shi Jianzhong, President/ Vice President Shanghai Society of Aeronautics/COMAC
    09:30 Large Aircraft and Intelligent Manufacturing Mrs. Liping Jiang,Chief Engineer COMAC
    10:00 Safran Speech 
    Sponsored by Safran
    10:30 Manufacturing 2025
    Airbus - A leading Company in Aviation
    Airbus - Assembly Vision 2025
    Airbus in China
    Mr. FRANCOIS MERY, Chief Operating Officer Airbus China
    11:00 Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing
    10:45 China’s aviation Silk Road: Market outlook, innovations and partnerships for mutual success
    Mr. Darren Hulst, Marketing Managing Director
    Boeing Airplanes Group
    11:15 Rolls- Royce Speech
    Sponsored by Rolls-Royce
    12:10 Panel Discussion: How Aircraft to Embrace Intelligent Manufacturing?
    IT leads Intelligent Manufacturing
    Aircraft Digitalization
    Moderator:Liping Jiang, Chief Engineer, COMAC
    FRANCOIS MERY, COO, Airbus China
    Wang Peng, GM Engineering, GE China
    Siemens TBA
    Sponsor Opportunity
    12:40 Luncheon
    Intelligent Manufacturing and Digitalization
    13:30 Intelligent Manufacturing and Digitalization
    Mr. Zemin Yu, Vice President
    14:00 GE Intelligent and Digital manufacturing for Aeronautics
    Mr. Peng Wang, General Manager
    GE Engineering
    14:30 Application of Industrial Robot in Digital Assembly of Aircraft
    AVIC Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing
    Technology Research Institute
    15:00 Sponsor Opportunity
    15:30 Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing
    15:45 Concept-Laser Speech
    Sponsored by Concept-Laser
    16:15 3D Print Technology –The New Opportunity Of Aerospace manufacturing
    Mr. Huang Weidong, General Director
    Northwestern Polytechnic University
    16:45 Additive Manufacturing Technology (Industrial 3D Printing) for Aeronautics
    EOS Sponsor Opportunity
    17:15 Panel Discussion:Advanced aircraft manufacturing and equipment technologies to promote its China Aerospace industry
    Moderator:Wang Xu, Engineering Director,COMAC
    Yu Zemin, Vice President, COMAC SAMC
    Gong Shuili, Chief Scientist, AVIC
    Manufacturing Ltd.
    Fang Anyu, COO, Tianjin Airbus Assembly Center
    17:45 END OF DAY ONE
    17th May, 2018
    Materials Processing & Machining
    09:00 Advanced Materials and Processing for Future Civil Aircraft Engineering Mr. Dongshen Li, Vice President COMAC, Beijing Aeronautical Science and Technology Research Institute
    09:30 Advanced Materials Manufacturing Process
    Mr. Shi Suilin, Director of Materials and Processing
    AVIC Xian Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd.
    10:00 Sponsor Opportunity
    10:30 Coffee Break and Exhibition Viewing
    10:45 Aero-engine cutting technology
    Jinfa Yang, Project Director
    Aero-engine (Group) Corporation Ltd.
    11:15 Advanced materials machining solutions
    Sponsored by EMAG
    11:45 Helicopter development demand for new material and new manufacturing process
    Mr. Guangchang Zhan, Design Director
    AVIC Helicopter Design Institute
    12:15 Luncheon
    Interiors Materials Innovation
    13:30 Aviation Interiors Services, More Than Interiors
    Dr. Chtistoph Schrempp, GM Airbus
    14:00 Solution for Aircraft Interiors of C919
    Mr. Zhixiang Wu, Research Director COMAC SADRI
    14:30 Sponsor Opportunity
    15:00 Bringing Economy up a Class
    Mr. Nigel Duncan, CEO
    STG Aerospace
    15:30 End of Day Two
    May 18th May Three:
    Visit COMAC Shanghai Aircraft
    Manufacturing Ltd C919 Assembly Line