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    Show Press Releases

    What are the new highlights of the Shanghai air show in the 22-day countdown


    Introduction: The 7th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao) from November 15 to 17. There are still 22 days to go before the opening of this Shanghai air show. today, I will tell you about the new highlights of this year's Shanghai air show!
    Highlight One: Excellent Partners
    This Shanghai Air Show is an important exhibition activity in the field of space and aviation approved by the Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission, with the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission as the guiding unit. During the preparation process, the exhibition received strong support from China air transport association, China civil airports association, China commercial aircraft co., ltd., China aero-engine group co., ltd., China eastern airlines co., ltd., China international aviation co., ltd., China aviation radio electronics research institute, China southern airlines co., ltd., Shanghai airport (group) co., ltd., China aviation international leasing co., ltd., baowu special metallurgy co., ltd., Shanghai auspicious aviation co., ltd. and other units.
    Highlight 2: Plate Extension and Coordinated Development
    From the content of the exhibition, this year's air show added a smart airport section to the existing sections of aviation technology and equipment, aviation maintenance and service, aircraft interior decoration and renovation, and aviation equipment and materials. This year's "Phoenix Youth Pre-employment Training" at Daxing Airport indicates that China's smart airport construction is constantly keeping pace with the world's top smart airport construction. The display content of Smart Airport is interlinked with the development of the aerospace industry. In coordination with the development of the aerospace industry, it will be closer to and enhance the industry positioning of Shanghai Airshow.
    Highlight 3: Exhibition Linkage, Jointly Joining in Grand Events
    Compared with previous air shows, the highlights of this forum are especially prominent. At the same time, many professional high-end forums were held at this air show, including the 6th International Aviation Engineering Summit Forum, the Advanced Practice Forum on Civil Aviation Supply Chain Management, the Shanghai Air Show Supply and Demand Docking Meeting, and the 2019 International Smart Airport Development Summit Forum. These forums involved aviation manufacturing, aviation maintenance and service, civil aviation, smart airports and other fields. Over 1,000 domestic and foreign industry elites, experts and scholars gathered in Shanghai to participate in the industry grand meeting.
    Highlight 4: Media Resources and Professional Audiences
    Shanghai Air Show integrates media resources from many public and industry sectors, and uses financial media to report and publicize the exhibition, forums, activities during the exhibition and exhibitors' products in real time. At the same time, the quality and quantity of professional audiences are the focus of Shanghai Airshow. By analyzing the range of exhibitors' customers, Shanghai Air Show has strengthened its invitation to professional audiences through online and offline combination, especially in the fields of aviation manufacturing, aviation maintenance and service, civil aviation, smart airports and so on, striving to invite more industry audiences and create more business opportunities for exhibitors.
    More exciting content will be revealed step by step. Welcome everyone to pay attention to the official WeChat public number of "Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition".