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    Exhibitor Press Releases

    China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines may launch the aviation industry electronic luggage revolution


    In 2019, electronic luggage tag became a hot news. According to the "2019 Civil Aviation Service Quality Tough Fight" launched by the Civil Aviation Administration of China on March 1, new technologies such as self-check equipment, smart security inspection mode and baggage tracking system will be explored, promoted, popularized and applied in the civil aviation field. At the same time, encourage the application of new technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID), and research and develop the "Guidelines for the construction of the entire civil aviation baggage tracking system". On July 25, China Southern Airlines officially launched an electronic luggage tag service on a domestic flight originating in Guangzhou, China Southern Airlines became the first airline in China to launch an electronic luggage tag service. Coincidentally, on July 30, on the route of Beijing-Shanghai, China Eastern Airlines officially launched the world's first battery-less electronic luggage tag, marking a new record for China Eastern's global baggage tracking system construction. On the airport side, learned from Daxing Airport that the RFID technology for baggage information recording will be put into use, marking the new application of the scene of China's smart civil aviation construction in baggage transportation.
    In fact, RFID technology is not a new word in the aviation field. It can be applied in the fields of daily maintenance tool management and aviation supplies management. However, RFID technology has more outstanding advantages and benefits in the electronic luggage tag service. Taking China Eastern Airlines as an example, the application of electronic luggage tag simplifies the baggage check process, subverts the previous luggage tagging, and attaches luggage to the boarding pass. Passengers can pass even if they are at home or on the road by airlines APP. On the other hand, with the built-in RFID identification chip, passengers can check the status of their checked baggage at any time. This “black technology” boost makes baggage services safer, more efficient and more convenient. Not only that, the data exchanged through the electronic luggage tag will not be damaged by external factors such as weather changes, and also has great performance in anti-drop and anti-seismic.
    Shen Chenyi, general manager of China Eastern Airlines luggage Control Center, said that in 2019, China Eastern Airlines will carry 50 million pieces of luggage, if it prints paper luggage tags will need about 280,000 tons of paper. According to statistics, it takes almost 17 trees to make a ton of paper. In addition, the RFID chip originally used for baggage tracking is also a one-time product. Considering the cost of this aspect, China Eastern Airlines can save 20 to 30 million RMB costs per year.
    Following with the Civil Aviation Administration of China focus of work in 2019, the AIREXPO Shanghai, which aims to promote and develop new technologies and equipment in the civil aviation field, will be held at Shanghai Hongqiao-National Exhibition and Convention Center on November 15-17, 2019. How about AIREXPO Shanghai this year? How many new highlights and new faces will appear? the most professional technology exhibition event in China's aviation industry, wait and see in November!