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    Shanghai International Aviation Fuel & Fuel-saving Technology Seminar 2019


    Shanghai International Aviation Fuel & Fuel-saving Technology Seminar 2019
    Date: Nov 16, 2019
    Hosted by: Shanghai Society of Aeronautics
    Organized by:Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
    Directed by:China Air Transport Association Aviation Fuel Branch
    About 30% of overall operating costs, fuel is the highest expense for airlines. Official statistics show that every 1% reduction in fuel consumption can save 100 thousand tons aviation fuel annually for Chinese civil aviation, About RMB500 million. How to reduce the negative impact of airline performance by reducing the fuel cost has become a pressing concern for airlines and market.
    Under this background, Shanghai Society of Aeronautics and Shanghai Golden Commercial will co-organizes the Shanghai International Aviation Fuel & Fuel-saving Technology Seminar 2019 on Nov 16, 2019 in Shanghai.  About 200 leaders and expert will be invited from government departments, international industry associations, the well-known oil companies at home and aboard , airlines, aircraft manufacturers, aviation fuel equipment suppliers, bio-fuel companies,as well as research institutions, to discuss and share their insights on the hot topics in the latest Chinese energy policy and fuel-efficient technologies. We hope to set up a good platform for exchanges and cooperation, enhance the international competitiveness of China's aviation industry, thereby promoting the sustainable development of aviation industry in China. 
    Hot Topics
    • Analysis of China's energy status
    • Civil aviation industrial policy and planning
    • Developing Trends for New Aircraft
    • Trends and Technical Innovation of Commercial Aero Engine Industry
    • Current Situation and Development Trend of Alternative Fuel 
    • Aviation Fuel Saving Solution 
    • Potential for Electric Aircraft
    • The Application of Advantage Materials and Manufacturing Processes on Civil Aircraft
    • Solution on Next Generation of Lightweight Aerospace Wire and Cable
    • The Application of Big Data in Aviation to Improving the Utilization of Fuel Oil 
    Who should attend
    • Government Department
    • Civil Aviation Association
    • Petroleum Company
    • Airlines
    • Aircraft & Aero Engine Manufacturer
    • Aviation Fuel Manufacturers & Suppliers
    • Aviation Fuel Facilities & Equipment Suppliers
    • Security Equipment Suppliers
    • Material Suppliers
    • Software Suppliers
    • University and Research Institute
    • Consulting and Service
    • Others
    For more details of the conference, to cooperate or sponsor, please contact: 
    Tel: (86-21) 6439-6190
    Fax: (86-21) 5013-1761 
    Contact: Shirley Gong