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    Supply and Demand Docking Meeting of Airexpo Shanghai 2019


    “Supply and Demand Docking Meeting” is a special supporting event of the 7th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2019, which aims to provide good trading promotion service for exhibitors and professional visitors, to enrich the exhibition function and enhance the effectiveness of the exhibition.
    The meeting will invite Airlines, aircraft manufacturers, aviation maintenance companies, airport groups with procurement needs,and aerospace industry exhibitors with abundant supply capacity to gather together. Through the Supply and Demand Docking Meeting will provide the supply and demand sides with the platform to display and communicate, to provide business opportunities for the procurement department, so that we can share the successful experience of communication to create a win-win industry!
    ★Brand Advantages
    The meeting is hosted by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, organized by Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd., strongly supported by China Air Transport Association, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, China Eastern Airlines Corporation limited,Aero Engine Corporation of China, AVIC, China Civil Airports Association, Shanghai Airport Authority, China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited etc, which has a good brand appeal and influence.
    ★Rich Experiences
    Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd specializes in organizing and holding international exhibitions and conferences, the company also possesses long-term and close government cooperation.
    ★Resource Advantages
    Relying on the rich resources from the host Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, as well as the co-organizers of local aviation societies,established a database of the nation and overseas aerospace industry related supply enterprise, from which the business opportunities can be quickly and accurately passed to the customers.
    ★High efficiency and Strong Attack
    According to the pre-conference procurement needs collection, precise connection building, on-site exchanges, after tracking service,the organizer will select high-quality aviation interiors supply enterprises. Buyers and sellers have high degree of matching, so that they can enter the intention to negotiate quickly.
    ★Super professional, Tailor-made
    The supply and demand docking meeting will organize a special in response to the needs of procurement enterprises, to provide professional one-to-one, face-to-face communication platform, so that the procurement will of aviation enterprises and supply enterprises can have further communication, deepen understanding, to achieve procurement intention easier.
    ★Multi-resource, Wide selection
    Procurement enterprises will interview with a number of qualified suppliers, to achieve shop around and select supply enterprises in line with the procurement requirements.
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