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    The 8th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2024

    May 29-31, 2024丨Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing-China


    Exhibition Review

    Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition (AIREXPO SHANGHAI) has been successfully held for six times since 2005. This expo attracted thousands of civil aviation, commercial aviation, general aviation and related enterprises and industry organizations from nearly forty countries and regions all over the world. The success of the exhibition for several years has provided a broad platform for the expansion of the huge market of aviation manufacturing in China. Shanghai, as the leading international shipping center of China and the whole world, its aviation hub and supporting construction have achieved great success, and have led the rapid development of the aerospace industry in East China. To promote the development of China General and Civil Aviation Industry, and June Business Aviation Industry, Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, Golden Commercial and related authorities will hold The 8th Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2023 in Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing-China on May 29-31, 2024. We hope this exhibition will build an international, professional and effective platform of products and services show, trade negotiations, technology exchanges and policy interpretation in China for the professions from civil aviation, business aviation, general aviation and aerospace industry in Chinese to promote the healthy development of Chinese aerospace industry and international cooperation. Along with the exhibition, the concurrent events include the China International Aviation Services Trade Fair, International Aircraft Engineering Summit, International Aircraft Finance & Leasing Summit, International Aviation Measurement Test and Standardization Summit, Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum, Airport Construction Summit, Aircraft Intelligent Manufacturing & Materials Innovation Summit, Supply and Demand Docking Meeting and other kinds of activities.


    Last Review

    With over ten years of development, AIREXPO SHANGHAI along with China's aerospace industry has continued to be mature. The last exhibition has successfully attracted nearly 500 pioneer enterprises and institutions from civil aviation, business aviation, general aviation industries from 40 countries and regions and the international proportion reached 42%. The exhibits category comprehensively involved: Whole Aircraft, Aerospace Equipment and Technology, Aircraft Manufacturing Equipment and Materials, MRO, Aircraft Interiors and Refurbishment, Air Rescue and Flight Training, Aeronautical Intelligence and UAV, Smart Airport Construction and Operation etc.. COMAC, China Eastern Airlines, Spring Airlines, A&A, China FIYING Dragon General Aviation, AVIC Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute, Baosteel Special Metals, BASF, HongKong Aviation Industry Association, AVIO, ACRO, BOSE etc. participated in the exhibition. Along with the exhibition many activities were hosted included: International Aircraft Engineering Summit, International Aircraft Finance & Leasing Summit, International Aviation Measurement Test and Standardization Summit etc. Among them,Supply and Demand Docking Meeting of COMAC and China Eastern Airlines were particularly striking. The manufacturer, airline procurement department and exhibitors communicated in the form of face-to-face, make buyers to carry out sample collection and information collection effectively, and thus promote the understanding and friendship between the both sides of supply and demand. Major domestic mainstream media such as CCTV, STV, SMG, ICS, Xinhua News Agency, Jiefang Daily, People's Daily, Wenhui Daily, XinMin Evening News, Thepaper, Sina, China Eastern Airlines news, GAOL etc. and other professional medias also attended to report the conference. With Thousands of miles journey, Shanghai International Aerospace Technology and Equipment Exhibition takes advantage of the essence of overseas leading technology and products, promotes the rise of "made in China", and carries the important mission of aerospace people. With a long way to go, AIREXPO SHANGHAI 2021 will deliver the good to create a beautiful future!



    1.The International Aircraft Engineering Summit

    The International Aircraft Engineering Summit is the main conference of AIREXPO SHANGHAI. The event will invite CAAC, AIR CHINA, China Eastern Airlines etc. major airlines domestic and abroad, COMAC, AIRBUS, BOEING, and the top decision makers in the entire industry chain, focusing on industry hot spots such as aircraft maintenance engineering, engine maintenance technology, interiors innovation, etc., around the Market Analysis and Development Strategy of China Civil Aviation Maintenance Industry, Airline Maintenance Cost Strategy Selection and Trend, Aircraft Engine Maintenance Project Management and Risk Control, Maintenance and Second-hand Parts Optimization Purchasing and Inventory Management Innovation Design and Selection of Aircraft Seating and Materials, Innovation of In-flight Entertainment and Communication System etc.. This summit is aim to provide prospective strategic thinking, advanced technology development and application for audiences. We hope that the summit will promote the scientific rational development of China aviation industry.


    2.Supply and Demand Docking Meeting

    Aviation manufacturer, operators, service providers, aviation engineer and service, smart airport supply and demand docking meeting will be the highlight of AIREXPO SHANGHAI. The representatives of domestic and foreign suppliers of Materials, standard parts and airborne systems and aviation manufacturers will attend the conference to discuss the work schedule for future, to sort and solve important and difficult problems , as well as to promote the healthy development of Chinese aircraft manufacturing industry, aircraft maintenance industry and airport operations. Through one-to-one & face-to-face communication, pragmatic and efficient professional buyers and docking, supply and demand docking meeting will provide the sample collection and the collection of information, in order to promote understanding and friendship between both sides of the supply and demand.


    Major Exhibits

    The exhibits comprehensively involved Aircraft (Civil aircraft, corporate aircraft, UAV, helicopter, light craft, etc.), aerospace engine design and manufacturing, aerospace electronics & airborne equipment, aerospace information technology & intelligence, aerospace manufacturing technology (Cutting, mold, die-casting, laser, welding, spraying and final assembly), processing new technologies and new materials in aerospace, aircraft Interiors and Refurbishment, airworthiness and testing equipment, aviation measurement and standardization, aerospace maintenance & repair equipment, aviation finance and leasing, aerospace general tools & equipment, other materials and tools, flight control instruments and computers, aerospace training equipment, air rescue and fire safety, Airport facilities and technology equipment, air cargo handling equipment and containers, special vehicles, airport CUSS & touch technology, Green Airport and aviation lighting equipment, air traffic control equipment and command dispatching, airport security system (special safety testing and rescue equipment), civil-military integration, spacecraft design and manufacturing, satellite and ground detection equipment, popularization of science and industrial park, and other technologies and equipments related to aerospace.



    During the exhibition, tens of thousands of professional visitors and representatives of each area are gathered under one roof to celebrate this industry pageant. Related areas include aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, universities and research institutes, air force, navy, police, weather, surveying and mapping, environmental protection, electric power, railway, marine, civil affairs, as well as trade.


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